Current Lab Members

Matthew Maurano

Assistant Professor
Institute for Systems Genetics & Dept. of Pathology
NYU Medical Center

Hannah Ashe


Prior: Univ. of Virginia

Ran Brosh

Senior Research Scientist
(Joint with Boeke lab)

Prior: PhD, Rotter Lab, Weizmann Institute;
postdoc Ihor Lemischka lab, MSSM

Gwen Ellis

Research Assistant

Prior: Wasser Lab, Eichler Lab, Univ. of Washington

Raquel Moya

Graduate student
(Joint with the Tsien lab)

Raquel Ordoñez Ciriza

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prior: Prósper and Agirre labs, Navarra, Spain

André M. Ribeiro-dos-Santos

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prior: de Souza lab, Brazil and Ren Lab, UCSD

Former Lab Members

Megan Hogan

Senior Research Scientist (2016-2021)

Prior: PhD, Spector Lab, CSHL
Last known position: Opentrons

Emily Huang

Technician (2018-2021)

Prior: Christiaen Lab, NYU
Last known position: Clinical and Population Analyst, Highmark Health

Angela Hitchcock

Technician (2019-2021)

Prior: Tessier-Lavigne Lab, Stanford
Last known position: Medical Student, UCSF

Raven Luther

Technician (2017-2021)

Prior: Nason Lab, Iowa State; IDT
Last known position: BlueRock Therapeutics

John Cadley

Scientific Programmer (2018-2021)
Last known position: MSKCC NextGen Analytics

Nick Vulpescu

Scientific Programmer (2017-2020)

Prior: Ghedin Lab, NYU
Last known position: PhD Student, Velculescu Lab, Johns Hopkins, Human Genetics

Brianna Berrios

Rotation Student (2020)

Will Egan

Summer Student (Summer 2020)
NYU Center for Data Science

Nora Gilligan

Intern (Summer 2019)

NYU Computer Science / Math / French

Stepan Grinek

Postdoctoral Fellow (2019)
Project: Efficient approaches for statistical fine mapping

Prior: Brinkman Lab, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada

James Schull

Summer Student (Summer 2018)
Computer Science, Stanford

Brandon Mannion

PhD student, NYU Sackler Systems and Computational Biomedicine

Last known position: Pennacchio/Visel Lab, LBNL, UC Berkeley

Jesper Maag

Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-2018)

Prior: PhD, Dinger Lab, Garvan Institute, Sydney
Last known position: Principal Bioinformatics Scientist at Remix Therapeutics

Nich Mamrak

Rotation Student (2018)

Prior: Howlett Lab, Univ. of Rhode Island

Aidan Reilly

SURP student (Summer 2017)
Computer Science, Johns Hopkins

Prior: Langmead Lab, JHU

Maia Stoicovici

Intern (Summer 2017)
NYU Tandon Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Yun Yan

Masters Student (Summer 2016)
Computer Science, NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Last known position: PhD Student, MD Anderson Cancer Center


Our neighbors include the Institute for Systems Genetics, the Center for Human Genetics and Genomics, the Institute for Computational Medicine, and our colleagues in the Department of Pathology.


March 2023
Our manuscript using synthetic regulatory genomics to show how enhancers work together at Sox2 has been published in Molecular Cell.

January 2022
A paper co-first authored by former lab member Nick Vulpescu on finding target genes of GWAS loci has been accepted at Human Genetics. Nick is now doing a PhD in the Velculescu lab at JHU. A second paper, Analysis of genomic context sensitivity, by Andre, Megan, Raven, and Ran has been accepted for publication in Genome Research.

December 2021
PhD student Raquel Moya's first co-authored paper on the genetics of sudden unexplained death in childhood is out in PNAS.