Sequence Data

  • Synthetic regulatory genomics uncovers enhancer context dependence at the Sox2 locus - GEO GSE206863
  • Genomic context sensitivity of insulator function - GEO GSE179485
  • A versatile platform for locus-scale genome rewriting and verification - GEO GSE159488
  • DNase-seq profiling of Saos-2 and U2OS cell lines - GEO GSE142160
  • NYU Langone SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing Team - SRA PRJNA650245
  • DNase-seq profiling of hybrid mouse cells and tissues - GEO GSE156692

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July 2023
Raquel's preprint on enhancer swapping at the Igf2/H19 and Sox2 loci has been posted to bioRxiv.

March 2023
Our manuscript using synthetic regulatory genomics to show how enhancers work together at Sox2 has been published in Molecular Cell.

January 2022
A paper co-first authored by former lab member Nick Vulpescu on finding target genes of GWAS loci has been accepted at Human Genetics. Nick is now doing a PhD in the Velculescu lab at JHU. A second paper, Analysis of genomic context sensitivity, by Andre, Megan, Raven, and Ran has been accepted for publication in Genome Research.