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Large-scale identification of functional variants impacting human transcription factor occupancy in vivo

Maurano MT*, Haugen E, Sandstrom R, Vierstra J, Kaul R, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA*. (2015). Nature Genetics 47: 1393–1401.

Role of DNA Methylation in Modulating Transcription Factor Occupancy

Maurano MT*, Wang H, John S, Shafer A, Canfield T, Lee K, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA*. (2015).Cell Reports 12: 1184–1195.

Genomic discovery of highly potent chromatin insulators for human gene therapy

Liu M, Maurano MT, Wang H, Song CZ, Navas PA, Emery DW, Stamatoyannopoulos JA and Stamatoyannopoulos G. (2015). Nature Biotech. 33: 198-203.

Insulating from genotoxicity
Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight

Systematic Localization of Common Disease-Associated Variation in Regulatory DNA

Maurano MT, Humbert R, Rynes E, Thurman RE, Haugen E, Wang H, Reynolds AP, Sandstrom R, Qu H, Brody J, Shafer A, Neri F, Lee K, Kutyavin T, Stehling-Sun S, Johnson AK, Canfield TK, Giste E, Diegel M, Bates D, Hansen RS, Neph S, Sabo PJ, Heimfeld S, Raubitschek A, Ziegler S, Cotsapas C, Sotoodehnia N, Glass I, Sunyaev SR, Kaul R, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA. (2012). Science 337: 1190–1195

A GPS for Navigating DNA
Science Perspective

Regulatory regions
Nature Genetics Research Highlight

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Widespread Plasticity in CTCF Occupancy Linked to DNA Methylation

Wang H, Maurano MT, Qu H, Varley KE, Gertz J, Pauli F, Lee K, Canfield T, Weaver M, Sandstrom R, Thurman RE, Kaul R, Myers RM, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA. (2012). Genome Research 22: 1680–1688

The Accessible Chromatin Landscape of the Human Genome

Thurman RE, Rynes E, Humbert R, Vierstra J, Maurano MT, Haugen E, Sheffield NC, Stergachis AB, Wang H, Vernot B, Garg K, John S, Sandstrom R, Bates D, Boatman L, Canfield TK, Diegel M, Dunn D, Ebersol AK, Frum T, Giste E, Johnson AK, Johnson EM, Kutyavin T, Lajoie B, Lee B-K, Lee K, London D, Lotakis D, Neph S, Neri F, Nguyen ED, Qu H, Reynolds AP, Roach V, Safi A, Sanchez ME, Sanyal A, Shafer A, Simon JM, Song L, Vong S, Weaver M, Yan Y, Zhang Z, Zhang Z, Lenhard B, Tewari M, Dorschner MO, Hansen RS, Navas PA, Stamatoyannopoulos G, Iyer VR, Lieb JD, Sunyaev SR, Akey JM, Sabo PJ, Kaul R, Furey TS, Dekker J, Crawford GE, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA. (2012). Nature 489: 75–82

An Expansive Human Regulatory Lexicon Encoded in Transcription Factor Footprints

Neph S, Vierstra J, Stergachis AB, Reynolds AP, Haugen E, Vernot B, Thurman RE, John S, Sandstrom R, Johnson AK, Maurano MT, Humbert R, Rynes E, Wang H, Vong S, Lee K, Bates D, Diegel M, Roach V, Dunn D, Neri J, Schafer A, Hansen RS, Kutyavin T, Giste E, Weaver M, Canfield T, Sabo P, Zhang M, Balasundaram G, Byron R, MacCoss MJ, Akey JM, Bender MA, Groudine M, Kaul R, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA. (2012). Nature 489: 83–90.

An Integrated Encyclopedia of DNA Elements in the Human Genome

ENCODE Project Consortium. (2012). Nature 489: 57–74.

Widespread Site-Dependent Buffering of Human Regulatory Polymorphism

Maurano MT, Wang H, Kutyavin T, and Stamatoyannopoulos JA. (2012). PLoS Genetics 8: e1002599

Interpretation of regulatory polymorphism
Nature Genetics Research Highlight

Complexities of occupancy and sequence
Nature Reviews Genetics Research Highlight

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