The Maurano lab develops genomic approaches to gene regulation and studies their application to common human diseases

We are affiliated with the NYU Department of Pathology, and are part of the new Institute for Systems Genetics, which hosts high-throughput sequencing, robotics, high-performance computing, and megabase-scale DNA synthesis facilities.

Postdoc and PhD student candidates should contact Matt Maurano at


Dec 2017
Welcome to Raven joining us from NYU downtown and Ran who will be starting in January!

May 2017
Welcome to Brandon, a PhD student joining us from the Pennacchio/Visel Lab at LBL/Berkeley!

May 2017
Welcome to Aidan, Maia, Nick who will be joining us this summer!

Nov 2016
Welcome to Jesper, a new postdoc joining us from Marcel Dinger's lab at the Garvan Institute in Sydney

Aug 2016
We have been awarded our first NIH grant, a 5-year R35 MIRA award from NIGMS to study long-distance regulatory interactions in the genome

Apr 2016
Welcome to Megan, coming to us from David Spector's lab at Cold Spring Harbor

Sep 2015
Our publication describing CATO scores for functional non-coding variants is available in Nature Genetics